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Here at The GrAd Lab, we take safety seriously. In addition to screening all instructor candidates with in-person interviews, reference checks, social media checks and state and federal background checks, we staff our classes with two adults and randomly call parents to get feedback on how our instructor is doing. Starting in February, we will also require all of our instructors to complete an online course in the prevention of child molestation and abuse.

Here’s a FAQ about our background checks.


Who conducts your background checks?

All of our instructors and aides are fully fingerprinted by a licensed vendor who then submits the instructor’s prints and information to the F.B.I. and Maryland Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS).


What does it mean if an instructor has “passed” a background check?

It means that the instructor has not been found guilty of any felony or of any infraction that is pertinent to the care of children. (Yes, they could have speeding tickets or other misdemeanor violations; we respect our instructors’ privacy by not disclosing those).


How recent are these background checks?

Very recent, because they are ongoing. Because we are an organization that cares for children, federal and state authorities notify us, usually within 24 hours, anytime one of our instructors encounters law enforcement.


If an instructor who has previously passed a background check is convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor that is pertinent to the care of children, what do you do?

As soon as we are notified of such a conviction, we remove that person from all contact with children, including teaching, assisting teachers and participating in any of our events that involve children.

If there is no conviction, but the incident is pertinent to the care of children, we will temporarily remove that instructor from any role that involves any interaction with children as a precaution while we investigate the matter. We will not return any instructor to the classroom if we believe that instructor is likely to harm children in any way. We are parents too! (as are many of our instructors!)


What does this mean for me?

It means that we are doing our very best, in cooperation with law enforcement, to ensure the safety of your children.


If you have any questions, please contact us.