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Kids at The Great Adventure Lab camps making marshmallow shootersVideo Game Programming is a blast!

My child repeatedly has told me…”Mom, I am so glad that you signed me up for this camp. Thank you.” Also, he has said repeatedly…”I cannot wait to go to camp tomorrow. I wonder what we will do.”

- Parent of a camper at our Woodlin venue, July 2014

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Summer 2015

Registration opens mid-January 2015

Our science, robotics and engineering summer camp is so fun, kids have no idea how much they’re learning! This year we’re offering some AWESOME boys-mindstormsnew classes as well as some of our time-tested  favorites. Join us for LEGO robotics, bridge building, [safe] explosions and huge fun! This year, our older campers will also explore  the world of 3D Design and Printing,  video game programming, electronics, Rockets & Race Cars and Invention Lab. Our younger campers will  do some phenomenal engineering with LEGOs  and will also explore a whole world that goes FIZZ, BANG, POP! We operate the most fun, educational STEM summer camps in the D.C. area!  We do science OUTDOORS when possible.

Check out our pricing! And … they’re staffed by many of your favorite instructors!

We’re offering two unique weeks of projects:

Curriculum A and Curriculum B. If you’d like to sign up for more than 1 week, be sure to choose one week A and one week B. They can be taken in any order. The classes are the same, but the projects are different!



Class descriptions and daily schedules

[Here’s what we offered in Summer 2014; check back here in January to see our 2015 schedule!]

Grades K-1

Grades 2-6



More questions/ need camp forms? See our summer camp FAQ!

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 See you this summer!!!