The Great Adventure Lab

Yes, we offer private classes & private tutoring in metro DC and Lake County, Illinois!


If your school does not offer our classes, invite us! Then, while you’re waiting for your school to fit us into their schedule, sign up for a private class.

We regularly form private classes on request. All you have to do is choose which class and what day/ time. If you would like your child to have private tutoring with one of our instructors, please contact us! 


For private, one-on-one tutoring: prices range from $40 to $60 an hour, depending on instructor. Price includes use of The Great Adventure Lab robotics kits if applicable.


Here’s what we need to form a private class.

1. A minimum of six children (including your child).

2. A suitable meeting space (a dining room is fine; however we cannot have food or drink near our equipment).

3. A meeting space in our service area (within a 20-minute drive of Wheaton, Md., or within a 20-minute drive of your assigned instructor, as calculated by Google Maps. Distance fees apply for locations beyond that service area. We have instructors in many areas; please contact us for more info.

4. A suitable meeting time. Our instructors and equipment are fully booked between 2:30 and 5:30pm on weekdays during the school year. We can offer a class in your home before or after this time slot. And yes, we also offer private classes on weekends!

5. Attendees must register via our online registration page. (We set it up, customers can pay by credit/ debit card or PayPal).

Yes, girls love our classes, too!! Some customers like to form all-girls classes!