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Grades 3 to 5

How did Ben Franklin figure out a way to harness electricity, thus making it possible for generations of kids to play all those annoying video games for hours on end? How? By playing around with it!

No, we won’t send your child out with kite and key to play in a lightning storm. We’ve got something almost as fun in mind: playing with electronic snap-on circuits to learn the basics of electricity, and then replicating some of the same experiments with plain old wires and alligator clips, the kind many of us parents grew up with. (OK, us older parents).

Under our well-grounded guidance,  your students will build and learn about:

  • series and parallel circuits, and how they’re used every day
  • digital logic circuits – for electronic devices that make ‘choices’
  • noise maker circuits – for fun
  • motion and light-activated alarm circuits
  • and more!

And yes, we’ll do a few take-home electronics projects, including LED origami lamps and a burglar alarm! Siblings beware …

After this class, see if you can get your student to wire up a burglar alarm … or a motion-activated little-sister detector (one of our other instructors actually did build one of these when he was a kid!).

This is a great class for logically minded kids. If you’d like your kids to have a little more exposure to logic first, try our Robo Challenge class.

Tired of having no clue what your kids do in all those after school activities? We’re different. A day or two after every class, your instructor will email a note explaining what the class learned in the previous session and what’s next. Sometimes we even include photos and videos!

Thanks for all your hard work with the kids- [My daughter] loved it and is still having fun with the burglar alarm! -Kensington Parkwood E.S. parent

  • Class format

    Seven weekly meetings, 60 minutes per meeting. Minimum 9 students, max 10. We provide two instructors for a student-instructor ratio of 5:1. We provide for use during class: one snap-on electronics kit and other necessary supplies for each pair of students.
  • Areas of exploration

    Electricity, Electronics, Circuitry, Schamatics, Troubleshooting, Logic.
  • Pricing

    After school tuition: $125 per student. Materials fee: $30 per student. Electronically savvy parent aide receives free tuition. Evening tuition: $130 per student . Scholarships: Yes, when your PTA organizes the class.  Details here.
  • Registration

    After school classes are only open to students who attend the hosting school. Register through your school /PTA.

    If your school/ PTA does not offer our classes, invite us!

    Evening classes are open to students from any school. Register here.

    Form a private class in your home with as few as six students! Contact us for details!

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Photos from The Great Adventure Lab’s Electronics classes



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