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Happy to be learning about science!

Happy to be learning about science!

Why not try a Lego robotics birthday party? Three kinds to choose from, plus two other science parties! Click a blue button for details.

In your home*, at your rented venue*,  for birthdays, Scout troops or play-dates! Our birthday parties start at less than $18 per guest.

That’s way less than our competitors chargefor way more hands-on fun! And, we offer a 15% discount for current and recent GrAd Lab students and their siblings! Rave reviews here.

If your party venue is more than 20 minutes drive time from our base areas* as calculated by Google Maps, we require a distance fee for each instructor and helper we send to your party. Larger parties require two instructors. Please see our PARTY FAQ for details.

 Click any party name below for description and link to online reservations!

Note: Descriptions below include our 2015 prices. To take advantage of 2014 prices, book now and be sure to pay your deposit before Jan. 1! Your party can take place any time in 2015, and yes, you can change the date for no charge when you give us at least 2 weeks’ advance notice!

  • Basic Robotics party

    Mechanics, robots, free-flying objects and fun, using Lego robotics kits! Based on our core robotics class. Best for ages 7 to 10. Seventy-five minutes. $215 for up to 12 guests, including birthday child, or $315 for up to 24. Full details and online reservations.

    Our party leader wrangled 12 rowdy boys and had them sitting an programming in no time! My 8 year-old said it was the best party ever, and my 6 year-old (who had help) loved it too. Would definitely recommend; in fact, some of my mom-friends have already signed up.

    The boys now can’t wait to take the Lego robotics class after school!- Gina H.

  • Robo Challenge party

    Especially for students who’ve already taken our basic robotics classes. Based on our Robo Challenge class. Best for ages 8 to 10. Ninety  minutes. $235 for up to 10 guests including birthday child, $395 for up to 20 guests including birthday child. Full details and online reservations.

    Just wanted to tell you what a wonderful party [you] put on for us today. The group of 11 nine-year-old girls (and one little brother) were completely engaged in their hexbug challenge, and loved the programming aspect. Greg was able to encourage and support those who needed it, and was enthusiastic and professional. – Rachel H.

  • Mindstorms party

    More sophisticated bots and programming for our ages 9 to 13. Ninety minutes includes time to finish building the bots and program them to compete against each other. $250 for 10 guests including birthday child. Full details and online reservations.

    Our party facilitator was great. He took time with the kids and they all seemed to enjoy the challenge. The Mindstorms party is definitely a challenge for this 11-year-old group but they all had fun and a great feeling of self confidence when it was completed.

    Thanks. -Tracy A.

  • Crime Scene party

    Whodunit? We set up the crime scene and your detectives use our materials to conduct forensics tests to solve it! Fingerprinting, hair and fiber analysis, fake blood if you want it. No mess. Basic crime scene party is 60 minutes: $235 for up to 12 guests including birthday child, $335 for up to 24 guests including birthday child. Want a party customized for a missing mascot at your child’s school? We can do that for $250.

    OR, choose our custom party! We’ve set up crime scene parties with themes including Nancy Drew, Tin Tin, baseball, Scooby Doo and even the Hobbit! These parties run 75 minutes and include a scavenger hunt. They cost $275 for up to 12 guests plus a $35 supply fee; $375 for up to 24 guests plus a $70 supply fee. We are happy to design other themes for an additional fee. Contact us for a quote. For ages 7 and up. Full details and online reservations.

    Our Crime Scene birthday party was a hit because of our facilitator, Chana, who put a lot of careful thought into planning a Nancy Drew-themed investigation. She created a mystery that was an appropriate challenge for our 10-year-old and her friends. The girls had a lot of fun.- Molly F.

  • Storybook Science party

    Erupting volcanoes, anyone? Goo?  We arrive with an amazing story and all the materials your young scientists need to recreate or test part of that story! Budding physicists and chemists will love making slime to explore states of matter; just about any kid will have a BLAST making and erupting a reusable volcano! Each child takes home a project! Sixty minutes. $215 for up to 12 guests including birthday child plus $50 supply fee, which covers cost of book and take-home projects; $315 for up to 24 guests plus $90 supply fee. Full details and online reservations.

    Laura [the party facilitator] was the hit of the party with her volcano building and eruptions. Most of the parents stuck around and couldn’t help but participate. The communication (e-mails, phone calls and answers to questions) was fantastic. I can only recommend The Great Adventure Lab 1,000 times over. Thank you!!! – Alice F. 

*The safety of our workers, clients and guests are of the utmost importance. We reserve the right to reject any venue where we feel that safety and security can’t be maintained. However, we can suggest alternate venues if this is a problem.
**The Great Adventure Lab is not affiliated, sponsored, or endorsed by LEGO® Education or the LEGO® Group.