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Grades 4-5 or 6-8.

The Great Adventure Lab uses an m3d printer in its 3-D Design classes for grades 4 to 8 in the Washington DC metro areaYes! We have girls in our classes and are working on ways to get more of them into our classes!!

Students will sharpen their spatial awareness as we learn how to use 3-D software to bring their ideas to life! We’ll learn to draw in two dimensions, and then change those drawings into 3-D objects using tools including extrusion, rotation, mirroring and more. Learning these skills now will make it easier for students when they study geometry in high school.

We’ll also bring our own 3-D printer to class to play with and print some of our simpler objects.

Already took this class? No problem – try 3D Challenge (same format and pricing as below), where our instructors set weekly challenges for you to design and/or help you work on a long-term project of your choice.

Tired of having no clue what your kids do in all those clubs? We’re different. A day or two after every class, your instructor will email a note explaining what the class learned in the previous session and what’s next. Sometimes we even include photos and videos!


SEVEN meetings, once a week, 90 minutes per meeting. (Ask about our 8-10 week sessions).
Min/max: 9/10 students.
Student-instructor ratio: 5:1.
We provide for use during class: one full-sized laptop for each student.

After school tuition: $195 per student.
Evening tuition: $200 per student.
Materials fee: $10 per student.
Scholarships are available when your PTA organizes class. Details here.

Get together a group of at five students, and we can send an instructor to teach this class in your home during school hours, in the evening, or on the weekend! Seven 60-min classes, min 5/max 7 students, $235 plus $10 materials fee.

We handle registration and payment, all you have to do is enjoy the class! Contact us for more info!

3-D Spatial Visualization, Design.

After school classes are only open to students who attend the hosting school. Register through your school /PTA.

If your school/ PTA does not offer our classes, invite us!

Form a private class in your home, or at a local public school classroom we rent with as few as five students! Seven 60-min classes, min 5/max 6 students, $235 per student plus $30 materials fee. Contact us for more info!


Forcey Christian parent, Silver Spring, Md. Class: Mindstorms, March 2012

My son R. came home incredibly excited about his first meeting. He’s always loved Legos and has an affinity for science, math and engineering. He said this is the best activity he’s ever done.

March 9, 2012


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