Our Team



About half of The Great Adventure Lab instructors have science degrees. We love teaching LEGO robotics and other sciences!

As smart as we are, we won’t transform your kid into Einstein. But if you’ve never tried it, you can visit this statue at the National Academy of Sciences and see if proximity to his likeness works any wonders …

Each and every The Great Adventure Lab instructor is trained, enthusiastic, has extensive experience with children, has passed a recent and rigorous background check and can quickly tell the difference between Lego’s version of a spur gear and a crown gear, even when blindfolded.

We pay and perk our people better than any similar organization, we don’t force them to wear costumes and we never force them into shifts or commutes they don’t want, so we always get the best.

Between us, we have bachelor’s or higher degrees in engineering (electrical and chemical), physics, computer science, mathematics, economics, biology, biochemistry, business, education and the liberal arts. We’ve got a couple of PhDs between us, too!

We love to travel, run, canoe camp, bicycle tour, mountain bike, orienteer, play piano, watch space shuttle and rocket launches, sew, mess around with robots, duel with light sabers, build catapults, play Dominion and Setters of Catahn with kids, especially our own (many of us are moms and some of us are dads! We have a dozens of kids between us!) Many of our homes are awash with Legos.

Plenty of us have or once had day jobs as scientists or engineers. Our ranks include alumni Stanford, Oxford and so on. One of our customers’ favorite party leaders works by day in a neuroscience lab!

When we can, we do our best to help our instructors achieve their career goals, even when those goals take them away from our world of Lego robotics. Because we’re that nice.

Between us, we speak fluent Russian, Hindi, French, Spanish and LabView. Our founder can order beer and chicken fried rice in Bahasa Indonesia. Most of us regularly volunteer in our communities. And most of us are partial to either Nava Thai or Ruan Thai in The GrAd Lab’s amazing gourmet-ghetto community of Wheaton, Md.


You can read about our founder here.

All of our classes include at least one instructor who is certified in first aid, and many of our summer instructors are also certified in CPR. Just for good measure.

Want The Great Adventure Lab to teach Lego Robotics or another after school science program in your school? Invite us!

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