Girls Get Science in the news!

So you thought we were asleep on this blog ... Nope. We were wide awake the whole time trying to go out into the world and make a difference that would be worth blogging about. So here's something. On Nov. 2, we held our sixth-ever Girls Get Science event. This is a parent-daughter event for [...]

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Girls Get Science!

  One of the most fun things about working for The Great Adventure Lab is all the great people we get to meet! Now we want to share some with you! On the evening of Wednesday, Nov. 16, we are hosting our first-ever Girls Get Science event for parents and the girls in [...]

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Robot of the Week: Mindstorms NXT Space Shuttle

updated with a comment from Andy Milluzzi LEGO®s can do amazing things when you add a few LEGO® Technics pieces and Mindstorms NXT controllers. Especially if you're anything like Andy Milluzzi, who grew up loving LEGO®s, has pals and knows how to recruit them to his team ...  and is not afraid of modifying a [...]

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Red Rover, Red Rover …

Friday, while the rest of us were slaving away in the heat wave, attending to the details of TGAL's fast-filling fall schedule, our chief robotics consultant Eric labored on bended knee at his heavily air-conditioned day job, as you can see from this photo. This is the closest he's ever been to Curiosity, [...]

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