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Grades 2-3

Let’s have some safe, hands-on fun with chemistry! We’ll start experimenting with states of matter and density and then move on to chemical reactions, including ones that produce gas — think volcanoes and alka-seltzer rockets! Before each experiment, we’ll talk about what might happen, write down our hypotheses, conduct our experiments and record our observations and conclusions. This is a super way to learn the scientific method while having lots of fun. As in all of our classes, all materials are non-toxic; and we’ll learn about safety by wearing safety glasses.

And yes, we know it’s hard getting kids to talk about what they did that day. That’s why we send a note home a day or two after every class, explaining what we did, what we learned, and what’s next. Sometimes we also include photos or videos! Parents love our notes!


Seven meetings, once a week, 60 minutes per meeting. (or 14-21 meetings if you combine classes).
After school sessions only; no evenings.
Minimum: 11 students. Maximum: 14 students.
Tuition is  $130 per student. Evening tuition: $135. Helpful parent aide receives free tuition.

Materials fee: $30 per student.

Get together a group of at five students, and we can send an instructor to teach this class in your home during school hours, in the evening, or on the weekend! Seven 60-min classes, min 5/max 8 students, $150 per student plus $30 materials fee.

Take-home projects after most classes.

We handle registration and payment, all you have to do is enjoy the class! Contact us for more info!

include: biology, wildlife and more!

After school classes are only open to students who attend the hosting school. Register through your school /PTA.

If your school/ PTA does not offer our classes, invite us!

Form a private class in your home with as few as five students! Seven 60-min classes, min 5/max 8 students, $150 per student, plus $30 materials fee per student. Contact us for more info!

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