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This is a list of our after school Lego robotics classes. Click on any class name for details.

You can find our engineering classes here and our other STEM classes here.

Lego Robotics

lego_robotics_borderedThis is our core class, where beginners learn to build and program Lego robots using Lego Education’s award-winning WeDo robotics and programming software. Grades 2 to 4. Full details here. 

My son G. adored this after school program.  I have never seen him more excited about anything before.  He loves LEGOs and now, loves programming robots.  This is a brilliant program and we will definitely be interested in anything else you have to offer. Thank you! – Woodlin E.S. parent 



Robo Challenge (also uses Lego!)

icon for The Great Adventure Lab's Robo Challenge class, using Lego!Took our Lego Robotics class and want more? And more of a challenge? This class is for you. Instead of working with step-by-step building directions and sample programs, we’ll start each class with a programming challenge … Grades 3* to 5. Full details here.


I wanted to thank you for the detailed email you sent about the first [Robo Challenge] class. It’s so nice to know exactly what goes on in each class. I also wanted to tell you how much my son enjoyed the class.  I even heard from a friend of mine that her son loved it so much, he couldn’t stop talking about it. – Barnsley E.S. parent



Mindstorms (also uses Lego!)

icon for The Great Adventure Lab's advanced Mindstorms Lego robotics classFourth – seventh graders will have an awesome time building robots that can navigate obstacle courses and respond to a multitude of sensors, including motion, touch, sound … Click blue button for full details. For grades 4 to 7. Full details here.


My son R. came home incredibly excited about his first meeting. He’s always loved Legos and has an affinity for science, math and engineering. He said this is the best activity he’s ever done – just wanted you to know how much you captured his interest in the first session. – Forcey Christian parent



Video Game Programming

icon for after school video game programming STEM class - The Great Adventure LabGrades 3-5. Does your child dream of writing his or her own video games? We’ve found a great way to get started: Scratch, the super-simple drag-and-drop multimedia programming language designed by MIT‘s Lifelong Kindergarten project. Full details here.

STEM class in Scratch programming at The Great Adventure Lab's Girls Get Science event

It was the absolute best after school program we’ve ever participated in. …Thank you sooooo much for bringing that program to Wyngate. It taught my son that he absolutely loves computer programming…which is a big deal for me, since he doesn’t seem to like anything but watching tv! 🙂 – Wyngate E.S. parent

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