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Out of all the school activities my kids have participated in over the last five years, this was definitely the best. – Montgomery County, Md. parent.


icon-young-engineersGrades 3-5. Scroll down for more photos.  Scroll down for photos and reviews.

Lots of people follow recipes for 30 years and still can’t cook. We don’t want that to happen to your budding engineers. In Young Engineers, kids will learn basic engineering concepts, while designing and building cool things like towers and bridges. We’ll also design egg drops and … build working catapults that are almost as large as your child! Let us show your child how fun engineering for kids can be!

Class will meet indoors but we’ll periodically venture forth to test out what we build. Each student takes home his/ her own catapult. At the end of the term, we  convene at a park for a “launch party” – i.e. using our catapults to launch safe projectiles, including water balloons when weather allows! NOTE: your child needs a ride home from the last class meeting.




icon-space-engineersOr, try Space Engineers, another hands-on, fun class that takes engineering for kids out of this world! Our projects and activities are designed around challenges that real NASA engineers face, like how to land a rover on Mars without breaking it (not easy – this is the egg drop on steroids!), how to map and navigate terrain on another planet via remote control systems, and of course, we launch rockets! Grab your astronaut suits, since this class will take you OUT of this world!

Note: Young Engineers and Space Engineers have the same format and pricing, but are independent classes with totally different projects. Students may take either or both of the classes, in any order.

Murch E.S. parent, Washington, D.C. Class: Lego Robotics, November 2015

My daughter S. absolutely loves this class and we were all very impressed with the professional program, great updates and fun projects the kids worked on. She is eager to sign-up for the next one! Thank you for all the work you did with the kids. Really very inspiring!

November 7, 2015

Tired of having no clue what your kids do in all those after school activities? The Great Adventure Lab is different! A day or two after every class, your engineering instructor will email a note explaining what your young engineer learned in the previous session and what’s next. Sometimes we even include photos and videos!


We love your thank you letters!


This was an outstanding experience for [my daughter]. She was extremely enthusiastic about it, enjoyed it tremendously, loved her instructors, and learned a great deal. It has helped reinforce her ambitions to pursue STEM activities.

After seeing how excited she was about this club, and after she asked me to come and see it in action, I was able to attend three of the sessions myself. I was very impressed with the suitability of the challenges the children were set, and with the help they received as they met those challenges through hands-on learning.

A great deal of thought has clearly gone into matching the activities to the time available and the age of the children. The instructors did a very fine job. Thank you for offering this exciting option to our children.


– Woodlin E.S. parent, Silver Spring, Spring 2012


Note: Young Engineers is not offered in winter because many projects require working outdoors.

We provide one instructor and one aide for 12 -14 students.
Young Engineers: Seven meetings, once a week, 60 minutes per meeting for the first six meetings; Last class is a 90-minute catapult party!!!

Space Engineers: Seven, 60-minute meetings, once a week.

After school tuition for both classes: $145 per student plus $30 materials fee. Evening tuition: $140 per student plus $30 materials fee. Scholarships are available when your PTA organizes the class. Details here.

Get together a group of at five students, and we can send an instructor to teach this class in your home during school hours, in the evening, or on the weekend! Seven 60-min classes, min 5/max 8 students, $160 per student plus $30 materials fee.

We handle registration and payment, all you have to do is enjoy the class! Contact us for more info!

Mechanical engineering, physics.

After school classes are only open to students who attend the hosting school. Register through your school /PTA.

If your school/ PTA does not offer our classes, invite us!

Evening classes are open to students from any school. Register here.

Form a private class in your home with as few as five students! Seven 60-min classes, min 5/max 8 students, $155 per student. Materials fee: $30 per student. Contact us for more info!

Photos from The Great Adventure Lab’s Young Engineers class

Forcey Christian parent, Silver Spring, Md. Class: Storybook Lego, November 2015

Thank you for your time and email updates. [My daughter] L. really enjoyed the Lego’s class with you! We plan on signing her up for next class …

November 7, 2015

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