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This is a listing of our other after school STEM classes! You can find our Robotics classes here and our Engineering classes here.

Our after school STEM classes are only open to students who attend the hosting school. Register through your school /PTA.

If your school/ PTA does not offer our after school STEM programs, invite us!

Evening STEM classes are open to students from any school. Register here.

Form a private class in your home with as few as six students! Contact us for details!


icon-for after school electronics for kids STEM class offered by The Great Adventure LabGrades 2-3. Let us teach your kids the fundamentals of electricity. We’ll learn about series and parallel circuits and more, while building awesome projects including lemon batteries, quiz boards and more! Full details.

a girl and her hexbug, built in an electronics class run by The Great Adventure Lab

Thanks a lot for all your hard work with the kids- [My daughter] loved it and is still having fun with the burglar alarm! -Kensington Parkwood E.S. parent

Storybook Science

icon- for after school storybook-science class for kids offered by The Great Adventure LabIn our Storybook Science class, kids learn to love STEM by making Volcanos and other cool projects!Grades K-1.  Mythbusters meet storybooks! Each week, we’ll read one of our favorite stories and then conduct hands-on experiments to test the truthfulness of certain elements of the story … which requires making slime, volcanoes and more! Full details.

[My daughter] LOVES your class and is so excited to share with me her experiments and discoveries from class … I love seeing her enthusiastic face & she has no idea right now that she is learning about science! -Burning Tree E.S. parent

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