Hello! Our founder is a former Wall Street Journal reporter so we know a bit about how to help the press. See below for little-known WSJ trivia.

If you’d like to observe one of our after school classes in robotics, programming or engineering, let us know! You can also interview one of our amazing curriculum development gurus, meet our robotics consultant, learn more about our donations to PTAs or our at-cost after-school and summer programs for low-income youth in Montgomery County, Md. … or find out more about our expansion to brave new worlds, then by all means, make contact. If not, we’ll let you contact us anyway.

Call 240-442-1855 or email us. Give us your name, publication and deadline. Your voicemail will be transcribed and instantly sent to our team via email. Sometimes the transcriptions are rather interesting. We can usually respond to you the same business day.



Trivia: when the WSJ first got email, our system would not recognize the @ symbol. We had to type three characters: (a) instead. Which made some of us wonder how we picked that particular vendor … And: When (now former) WaPo managing editor Raju Narisetti was just a cub reporter in Pittsburgh, no one in New York could understand his name when he called in breaking news headlines from the spot news desk. So he often handed the phone to a fellow reporter, including our founder, who’d then speak the headline for him. We’re guessing people understand his name now!)