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Girls Get Science in the news!

So you thought we were asleep on this blog … Nope. We were wide awake the whole time trying to go out into the world and make a difference that would be worth blogging about.

So here’s something. On Nov. 2, we held our sixth-ever Girls Get Science event. This is a parent-daughter event for girls who may  … or may not be interested in science, technology, engineering, the whole hooha. During the first hour of the event, the girls do hands-on 30-minute activities in two of: Lego  robotics, engineering and video game programming (plus this time, a dash of physics in the form of a tablecloth pull).

Here’s the link to the news story from Capital News Service.

Here’s the video version!

And here are plenty of photos! (This is what your girls are supposed to look like when their learning about STEM!)


While the girls were having hands-on fun in our workshops, the girls’ parents, mostly moms (but plenty of dads) attend a panel discussion where three women scientists and engineers talk about how they came to be interested in science …. who encouraged or discouraged them … were they the only girls in their classes? … and how do we encourage our daughters today to be curious about STEM, instead of ruling it out because it’s too “hard,” “boring” or worse … “just for boys”?

Our speakers this round were Mamta Nagaraja, who works on space missions for NASA; Keren Witkin of the National Cancer Institute; and Molly McMahon, a  science teacher at Eastern Middle School in Silver Spring, Md.

In the second hour, the girls reunited with their parents and went around the room visiting with each speaker to hear more about what they do.

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