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This job is like recess.

-Aaren S., one of our first instructors!


Did you grow up playing with robots … or designing experiments in your own back yard?
Are you a part-time student or worker, or saving up to go to grad school?
Could you use another $100+/week for minimal hours?

We have  several openings for part-time instructors for the school year. We want to hire this summer, so we can give you some paid training. We also have openings for part-time instructor aides. We are an after-school science enrichment program for elementary school students.

We offer LEGO®-based robotics, crime science, elementary video game and animation programming and more. Parents and kids love us. We also teach at low-income housing communities, because we want those kids to have access to our classes, too! We need more instructors!


We need people who:

  • are smart, enthusiastic, personable and adaptable.
  • are reliable and punctual.
  • love working with kids.
  • love technology.
  • already have established part-time schedules/ are not looking for a FT job.
  • have paid or extensive experience working with kids in classrooms or at camp.
  • have a habit of responding quickly to text/ email. MUST have a smart phone!
  • have at least a few years of college, and preferably a STEM degree/ major
  • have a demonstrated interest in any science, math or engineering.
  • have a reliable, insured and registered car, along with a valid local driver’s license.
  • are 100% fluent in English; can write interesting, concise and grammatically correct notes home to parents.
  • have great references.
  • can pass our rigorous background check.
  • can teach three+ afternoons a week
  • can work weekdays between 3 and 5pm during the school year (we do not hire for summer only; only our year-round instructors are invited to teach at our summer camps).


We prefer people who are:

  • already certified in CPR
  • already certified in First Aid
  • bilingual
  • enthusiastic about a hobby, especially one that’s related to science or technology.
  • can share a picture / description of an interesting project they’ve made/ are working on!


What instructors do:

  • Lead class, pick up and drop off equipment, communicate with parents in person and via email.
  • Instructors have the option, but not the requirement, to lead birthday parties on weekends. Pay starts at $1 a minute.


What aides do:

  • Show up for class and assist as needed. No responsibilities for equipment or parent communication.


We offer:

  • Paid training.
  • A fun, flexible work environment. Most of our instructors are part-time students and/ or have half-time jobs and/or are stay-at-home moms or dads. Some are changing careers or saving for grad school. Our instructors choose the days and times they are available to work. They go on vacation whenever they want.
  • Great pay – instructors start at $35-$40 per class hour depending on experience and geography (i.e. higher rates for STEM graduates and certified teachers). NOTE: one class hour includes your time to pick up and drop off equipment, so this works best for folks who teach several days in a row (i.e. can keep equipment overnight)  and/or live near our schools.
  • Weekly paychecks + option for direct deposit
  • A chance to work side by side with senior instructors, many of whom have STEM degrees/ careers.
  • Frequent raises
  • Spot bonuses
  • profit sharing
  • A fun teaching experience – great for you if you are considering a career in teaching.
  • Small class sizes. Most classes have 12-14 students. Each class  is run by one instructor and one aide (either a parent aide or one of our own instructor aides), so the maximum student-adult ratio is 7:1. Compare that to ratios of up to 17:1 to 26: 1 !!!!! for similar programs.
  • Option but not requirement to work birthday parties on weekends, as often or as seldom as you like. Pay starts at $1 per minute for parties of 60 to 90 minutes, plus distance fees and tips if applicable.
  • And most of all: RESPECT. We hire great people. We pay our people more than any similar organization on our radar. And we treat our instructors like the professionals they are, not like teenagers who need to clock in or wear costumes to work.


We are:

  • An LLC registered in the state of Maryland.
  • Fully insured and bonded.


To apply:

Contact us by emailing us through our site. DO NOT CALL/ DO NOT use our CHAT service or any social media to contact us about applying. If you do, your application will be immediately rejected.

Scout out our site and write the **first** name of the most recent **woman** who reviewed our **birthday parties** in the subject line of your response. (No, do not copy the line above into your subject line, go and find out the name and type that name into your subject line). Sorry to do it this way but otherwise, we get spammed with applications from people who haven’t even read this ad!

In your *brief* covering email, show off your command of the English language as you highlight your experience with kids grades K-8 and science/ engineering. IMPORTANT: Tell us how your geography and current schedule fit in with this job; confirm that you have proper car and smart phone. You can paste a copy of your resume directly into your message.

And if you’re on FB, “like” our page.

We look forward to hearing from you!