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This is a list of our after school math classes. Click on any class name for details.


Acing Math Cards

Acing Math Cards - a fun class offered by The Great Adventure Lab

Grades K-5. In this class, our students have so much fun playing card games that they don’t realize they are actually improving their math skills. Games cover addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, patterns, positive and negative integers and more. Students will be grouped by age and ability.





The Art of Math (new for Fall 2016)

have fun with Escher tesselations and more in The Great Adventure Lab's Art of Math class for math phobics, grades 2-4Grades 2-4.
 Art lovers: Who knew math could be so fun? In this math class even math phobics will have fun as we unwittingly build our math skills with art projects based on work and thinking of some of the greatest mathematical minds in art history including Fibonacci, DaVinci, Picasso, Escher, Klee and more. Each week we’ll explore a new artist. We’ll work in many mediums including crayons, modeling clay and origami.


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