We don’t do party invitations, and we’ve always been frustrated by the idea that the store-bought ones tend to come in tens, especially when we’re inviting ANY OTHER number beside ten.

So, here are five AWESOME ideas that you might want to try for your younger LEGO® fans. Make as few or as many as you want. Most are free or nearly so, assuming your house is awash in LEGO®s. There’s one cool printable for sale.


1. The 3-D approach. Save a tree and watch your kid get really INTO making these invitations!  From LMNOP Blog. (Laugh Make Nurture Organise Play).

The coolest LEGO® invitation ever!



2. A combination of 3-D and 2-D! Three-dimensional LEGO table art becomes a great 2-D invitation!

From I’m Topsy Click image to go there.



3. The LEGO Printable Party Pack from Printables by Amy. You pay Amy $23.95 and she emails you PDFs that you can print out and use for invitations (and cupcake toppers, table decor, water bottle labels … neat idea!) Here’s an animated .gif of her invitation. Follow link for the rest of the party pack images. Looks cool to us! The beauty of this is, for $23.95, you can print out as many copies as you want … (for your own use only, of course).



4. Use LEGO® digital designer to build an image that you then print out as your invitation.

From Click image to go there.



5. The 2+-dimension homemade invitation – Fun, simple and you probably have all the materials in that art box.

Homemade. From the Monson Photography blog. Click image to go there.


Or, the slightly fancier version from Mike Cadoo’s Flickr Stream.

by Mike Cadoo. Click image to see it on Mike’s Flickr stream.


We can’t wait for your party!!