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Basic Robotics Birthday Party for up to 12 to 24 guests, grades 1 to 5. (Uses Lego!)

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75 minutes for $225 ($350 for 13-24 guests). Fifteen percent discount on party fee for current or recent students of The GrAd Lab classes, or their siblings.

Kids love Lego robotics! This is our most popular party! We’ll bring all the equipment your guests need to build and program robots, including some that can play soccer against each other! No, we aren’t expecting your kiddos to type strings of code. We’ll be working with Lego Education’s award-winning robotics kits and drag-and-drop WeDo™ software. Even 7-year-olds can write programs with it after half an hour with us. Many customers choose our soccer bots or spinning tops theme.

We’ll spend the first 20-30 minutes following on-screen instructions to build our robots with actual Lego pieces from our robotics kits. Then our instructor will teach your guests about programming, and how to write simple programs using Lego Education’s drag-and-drop software. Depending on how quickly your guests build and program, they will have 20 to 30 minutes left to play with the robots after programming! Some kids will be happy to play with them as they are; other will want to improvise on the design or the program to make their robots do different things. Either way, they’ll have a blast!

*You MUST supply a dedicated adult helper, or we can supply one or two (depending on party size) for an additional $50 per helper per hour. For complete details on what we provide and what to expect, please read our birthday party FAQ.
Here are some of our recent reviews. (You can read more of our birthday party reviews here).

I was confident that it would be great a party because my son has done a few Lego robotics camps, but the experience managed to exceed my expectations. It was by far one of the easiest parties I’ve ever hosted. [Our] wonderful facilitator … made sure everyone was involved. All the parents were impressed with how engaged, intent, and cooperative eleven 6- to 8-year-old boys were constructing their projects. (I’m sure you’ll be getting some calls from a few of them for future parties.) My son and his friends had a blast! Thanks Nicole and The Great Adventure Lab for a great party! I look forward to working with you again!

-Ainisha P., Bowie, Md.


For our son’s birthday, The Great Adventure Lab came to our home and mesmerized all of the kids (who otherwise would have been tearing the house apart) with an incredible demo of robotics. They had a blast building their soccer players and goalies from LEGOs, programming their movements, and then counting the goals. The kids were too engrossed and entertained to realize what an incredible learning experience it was for them…an “engineering” birthday party? Only The Great Adventure Lab can pull that off, and it was a huge hit! An The Great Adventure Lab birthday or after-school club is a fantastic opportunity to combine learning and fun…and your house won’t be destroyed afterward!

-Megan V., Silver Spring, Md.


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