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Mindstorms© birthday party for up to 10 guests, grades 4 to 7. 

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Ninety minutes. $265 for up to 10 guests including birthday child. Ten percent discount on party fee for current or recent students of The GrAd Lab classes, or their siblings. Offered in Washington D.C. and suburbs.

Some of our 9- and 10-year-old guests are just too cool for our basic robotics party. Whether or not they’re programming whizzes, they want to build and program more sophisticated bots. So this one’s for you guys: choose from Sumo bots or capture the flag activities, using  Lego Education’s Mindstorms platform. (Interested in our Mindstorms class, or what the bots can do? Look here.)

Your guests will build the bots (which are already partially constructed – otherwise the party would take three hours) and then do some on-board programming to get the fun going. For maximum fun, we need you to supply a dedicated adult helper, or we can supply one for an additional $75.

Important: unlike our basic robotics party, our Mindstorms party requires floor space (or a huge table). Six feet by eight feet on a hard smooth surface is perfect (wood floors are great). Remember, your kiddos don’t get to keep our bots, so be sure to plan ahead if they’re expecting take-homes.

Here’s one of our recent reviews. You can read more of our party reviews here.

Of all the b-day venues over the years, this was the best: quality and $$


We had a lot of birthday venues over the years for our kids. The Mindstorms Robotics Party was above and beyond our expectations and surpassed the quality of any past birthday venue. Andrew, our instructor, was very knowledgeable in Mindstorms “science”, he also managed the time and a crowd of excited 5th graders well, and was involved with the kids every second of the party.


This was a very high quality service, managed well from the minute we booked the party, until the instructor left the party. This is also the first time ever where we felt that we got our money’s worth. In fact, this service is very modestly priced for the quality it provides. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! Mindstorms Robotics will be especially enjoyed by kids who have taken Robo Challenge.

-Dee S.


My son and his friends thought this was a terrific party. Our party leader was patient, very helpful and accommodating. I absolutely recommend The Great Adventure Lab.

-Marita R.


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