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Storybook Science party for 12 to 24 guests, ages 5 to 7.

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Sixty minutes. Up to 12 guests for $215 plus supply fee of $50; up to 24 guests for $350 plus supply fee of $90. Fifteen percent discount on party fee for current or recent GrAd Lab students or their siblings. Price includes take-home project for each child and your own keepsake storybook, signed by your guests!


Our volcanoes are way safer!

 Our Storybook Science classes are selling out because guess what – kids love to get their hands on goop and earthworms and … who doesn’t have fun (safely) exploding a home-made, reusable volcano?

At least a week before your party, one of our Storybook Science instructors will call you to discuss which project you’d like to try. Want each of your guests to make and explode a reusable volcano? Or make goo? Pick a project and we’ll walk in the door with all the ingredients for an unforgettable party.

On the big day, we’ll arrive early to set up. When your guests are assembled, we’ll read the book that goes with the project, and then launch into our activity.

Our materials are non-toxic and washable. But please understand: These are messy activities. Although we will take every precaution to protect our environment, we recommend performing this party in a large area that is not carpeted or near delicate fabrics or family heirlooms. Backyards, patios and kitchens are our preferred venues! We recommend that children wear the same clothes they usually wear to art class.

Because our activities are inspired by famous and/or award-winning children’s literature, we have a great keepsake for you: in addition to a take-home project for each child, we will present the birthday child with a new, hardback copy of the book that all the party-goers can sign! There is no extra charge for the take-home projects or book; they are included in the party price. However, please schedule your party at least 10 days in advance to give us a chance to order the book.

If your child has a favorite book, please let us know; we may be able to design an experiment around that story for an extra fee.

You MUST supply a dedicated adult helper (or two, for parties of 13 to 24 guests), to assist with the activity. If you prefer, we can supply our own helper for an additional $50 an hour for up to 12 guests, or we can supply two helpers for an additional $100 for up to 24 guests. But we’d rather keep prices lower for you!!

You can read our party reviews here

A few recent reviews.

The kids loved making their volcanos and watching them erupt – over and over again! Andrew and Laura were great with our nineteen 6-and-a-half to  7- year-olds. Very prepared, prompt and patient. Our son was very happy with his birthday party and we received several thank you emails later that day from parents. I highly recommend!

-Susan D., Potomac, Md.


Laura was the hit of the party with her volcano building and eruptions. Most of the parents stuck around and couldn’t help but participate. The communication (e-mails, phone calls and answers to questions) was fantastic. I can only recommend The Great Adventure Lab 1000 times over. Thank you!!!

-Alice F., Silver Spring, Md.

And another review from the class that inspired the party:

I wanted to let you know that E. LOVED the volcano … He brought his home and before I knew it he had gone into my kitchen looking for dish soap, baking soda, vinegar and red food color. He remembered exactly what to do and he spent most of last night creating eruption after eruption. The volcano is drying out but he told me this morning he wants to make more eruptions tonight. Thanks!

-Woodlin E.S. Parent.


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