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My son likes mystery books so we thought we would give this a try. I was worried about keeping eleven, 9-year-old boys engaged, but our party host (Brandi) was great and the boys were really into solving the case. They dusted for prints, tested blood samples and measured footprints. Brandi also gave my daughter (6 years old) a special role to help solve the case and she loved that. Brandi came before the party to set up and we were ready to go when everyone arrived. She cleaned up everything well. The party was a hit. THANK YOU!!

-Jennifer H., Reston, Va. Crime Scene party


We booked The Great Adventure Lab after our son participated in their afterschool club at school. Each year we have to outdo the last year for our twins’ birthday party and this year was fantastic. Diego and Brandi expertly entertained and taught eighteen 9-year-olds how to build robot soccer players who were let loose on the floor to battle it out. The kids learned a lot and had a great time. They were prompt, prepared, engaged and seemed to really enjoy teaching the kids. We will definitely work with them again.

-Teresa C., Chevy Chase, Md.Basic Robotics party


Having found this company online and having not had the opportunity to personally speak to anyone who had used this company for a party, I really had no idea what to expect. I found the booking agent to be very professional and efficient. The instructor, Diego, was a wonderful facilitator. He was knowledgeable, organized and able to maintain control of his mostly 9-year-old audience. The kids were engaged in the activity of programming their robots and they were totally into the the final battle of the bots! My son thought it was an amazing party and I couldn’t have been more pleased!

-Susan H., Crownsville, Md. Mindstorms Party 


My 9-year old loved his Robo Challenge – “hexbug trap” party with Diego. The group of 7- to 9 year-old boys and girls worked on the hardwood floor and they were absorbed and creative in building their contraptions. Diego was great, encouraged everybody and managed to bring together children who had never done lego robotics before and some who had done every class. The adults joined in as well. We all had fun!

-Marie K., Bethesda, Md. Robo Challenge Party


We had a lot of birthday venues over the years for our kids. The Mindstorms Robotics Party was above and beyond our expectations and surpassed the quality of any past birthday venue. Andrew, our instructor, was very knowledgeable in Mindstorms “science”, he also managed the time and a crowd of excited 5th graders well, and was involved with the kids every second of the party. This was a very high quality service, managed well from the minute we booked the party, until the instructor left the party. This is also the first time ever where we felt that we got our money’s worth. In fact, this service is very modestly priced for the quality it provides. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! Mindstorms Robotics will be especially enjoyed by kids who have taken Robo Challenge.
-Dee S., North Potomac, Md. Mindstorms Party 


The kids loved making their volcanos and watching them erupt – over and over again! Andrew and Laura were great with our nineteen 6-and-a-half to 7-year-olds. Very prepared, prompt and patient. Our son was very happy with his birthday party and we received several thank you emails later that day from parents. I highly recommend!

-Susan D., Potomac, Md. Storybook Science Party


We could not have had a better experience! From the initial contact to the final minute I have nothing but praise for the people of Great Adventure Lab. Chana, the mastermind behind our party, contacted me early on, and we exchanged dozens of emails while coming up with the perfect Scooby Doo-themed [Crime Scene] mystery party for my son. Her attention to detail made this a super fun party from the clues she created for the kids to find, to the analyzing of the evidence and finally the exciting trapping of the “villain”. Chana and Brandi were enthusiastic, very professional, arrived early, kept nine 7-year-old boys under control, and cleaned up the mess before they left. I would not hesitate to recommend this group for any party. Many, many thanks.

-Julia B., Alexandria, Va. Crime Scene Party


Great experience! We had the Lego Robotics party with a group of 12 eight and nine-year-olds, mostly boys. The Great Adventure Lab arrived early, everything was well organised. Set-up was quick. The staff member was very, very good with the kids, holding their attention over more than an hour. Highly recommended!

-Peter M., Bethesda, Md. Basic Robotics party


My son, a Lego fanatic, can’t stop talking about the amazing birthday party! I’m always looking for something different for the kids to do at a party and this was it! The kids were engaged in the activity, even the ones not all that interested in Legos. The adults got into it too!

-Tandra K., Bethesda, Md. Basic Robotics party


You all did a great job at my son’s birthday party! Ms. Shannan was totally prepared and completely able to entertain 10 wiggly little boys while teaching them how to make a “volcano.” This will be a party that will be talked about for a long time — thank you!
-Kellie R., Columbia, Md. Basic Robotics party


The ease of scheduling, professional and prompt instructor, as well as the tailored activities made this event a memorable and fun-filled Birthday celebration for my son and his friends. Kudos for being a top-rated company in my view and I highly recommend to all who are seeking to not just have entertainment, but get the added bonus of a great learning experience!

-Zina M., Gaithersburg, Md. Basic Robotics party


Our CSI party was fantastic! The instructor was absolutely great! She had a fabulous story line and kept the kids attention the entire time. The kids thought it was “cool”. We would most certainly do it again.

-Kathleen M., Alexandria, Va. Crime Scene Party


Just wanted to tell you what a wonderful party Greg put on for us today. The group of 11 nine-year-old girls (and one little brother) were completely engaged in their hex bug challenge, and loved the programming aspect. Greg was able to encourage and support those who needed it, and was enthusiastic and professional.

-Rachel H., Bethesda, Md. Robo Challenge Party


In my book, there is no simple way to have a birthday party with 12 LOUD eight- and nine-year-old boys, but The Great Adventure Lab has changed my mind. I highly recommend the Lego robotics party for kids who enjoy Legos and a little competition. Our party host encouraged their creativity but kept things under control. I am looking forward to checking out some of the other party options in the future. Basic Robotics party

-Jane T.,  McLean, Va.


The instructor was awesome! Great party, very engaging, boys loved it! Our party leader was on time, cheerful, patient and professional. Wrangling 8-year-olds is tough work and she was spectacular. My son and his friends thought is was super duper fun! Thanks, The GrAd Lab!! Basic Robotics party

-Nancy Mark, Purcellville VA


The party was great! Greg was very enthusiastic & patient with the boys. I don’t know how he managed to help out every single kid. The battle at the end was just icing on the cake. The kids went wild. They told their parents how great the party was. Thank you. Mindstorms party.

-Amy, Silver Spring, Md.


Our crew of 8-year-old boys had a great time. Even though three of the boys had just taken the Lego Robotics class, the others managed to keep pace with the experienced boys. Our party leader did a great job managing our group of very enthusiastic boys during the soccer bots challenge. I recommend this party for kids who love Legos and computers – it’s the best combination! Basic Robotics party

-Jacqui V.,  Olney, Md.


After taking the crime science class with The Great Adventure Lab, my daughter wanted to continue the experience with a crime scene birthday party for her 9th birthday. What a hit! The twelve 9-year-olds were interested and engaged for the entire hour. We opted for a theft and the kids were given the evidence and clues to try to solve the crime. The biggest kid (73-year-old grandpa) was right there solving the crime along with the party guests. Our crime scene leader was very business-like and patient with the excited kids, and kept them on track and moving through the hour. She arrived promptly, set up and cleaned up quickly and had all of the materials needed to make it a great activity. Crime Scene party

– Jill, Kensington, Md.


Our Cub Scout troop really enjoyed their The Great Adventure Lab experience. I think the Dads had as much fun as the boys!!! Thanks so much for providing a fun challenging activity to chase away those winter blues. Greg was also a great instructor. Basic Robotics party

-Keira U., Springfield, Va.


I was confident that it would be great a party because my son has done a few Lego robotics camps, but the experience managed to exceed my expectations. It was by far one of the easiest parties I’ve ever hosted. Our facilitator was wonderful and she made sure everyone was involved. All the parents were impressed with how engaged, intent, and cooperative eleven 6- to 8-year-old boys were constructing their projects. (I’m sure you’ll be getting some calls from a few of them for future parties.) My son and his friends had a blast! Thanks to The Great Adventure Lab for a great party! I look forward to working with you again! Basic Robotics party

– Ainisha P., Bowie, Md.



Greg came on time, set up quickly and kept nine 9-year-olds engaged for over an hour. The GrAd Lab easily accommodated our group as several of the kids had done LEGO robots before. Greg was very patient with the kids! It was easy and fun and I would do it again. Thanks. (Robo Challenge party)

– Cynthia, Bethesda, Md.


Our instructor was great. He took time with the kids and they all seemed to enjoy the challenge. The Mindstorms party is definitely a challenge for this 11-year-old group but they all had fun and a great feeling of self confidence when it was completed. Thanks (Mindstorms party)

        – Tracey, Germantown, Md.


We were so pleased with our daughter’s party! The kids were totally enthralled in the experience for the entire time that our instructor was here building soccer robots with them. They loved being able to use the netbooks to build and program the Legos and had a blast at the end using the robots to either kick the ping pong ball into the goal or use their goalie to defend the goal. The facilitator was very prompt, did a great job explaining everything to the kids and helping them out with the building process. All in all it was a great party thanks to The Great Adventure Lab! (Basic Robotics party)

         – Pam G., Potomac, Md.


Our seven-year-old son and his friends loved his The Great Adventure Lab party! Greg was fantastic with this age group – so nice, very patient with the kids, and generous with his time. We have hosted many different birthday parties in our home for our kids, and this party was by far the easiest! (Basic Robotics Party).

– Kim, Kensington, Md.


We had a great time, even the computer whiz of the group enjoyed. It was great for my crew of 10-year-olds. Our party leader was able to keep them all entertained for a whole hour. The staff from The Great Adventure Lab were very responsive and kept track of my appointment time. It was very professionally done. I would do it again next year if there is a next level program for them as they get older! (Basic Robotics party)

         – Lucy, Potomac, Md.


LEGOs and Robots are right up my son’s alley – so the combination of the two was great. he loved the party, our facilitator was on time, nice, helpful. Easy and perfect party option. (Basic Robotics. Party leader: Greg)

– F.F., Silver Spring, Md.


The GrAd Lab led a robotics experience where the kids built and programmed soccer robots. From beginning to end, the children were engaged. The adults present were amazed at how focused the kids were to get their robots constructed, and everyone (kids and adults alike) thought it was an awesome and unique experience! The only snag (easily resolved) was that some of the Lego pieces were missing in some children’s kits; we simply located the piece in another group’s kit and moved forward. Great time had by all! (Basic Robotics)

        -Kim S., Silver Spring, Md.


We initially were going to have a birthday party and decided to let our son’s cub scout den enjoy the party. They had a blast! This was very well-organized and age-appropriate. (Basic Robotics)

– Ingrid, Arlington, Va.


The party was fabulous! To watch 16 (8-9 year) kids that focused and having such creative fun was amazing. The staff was helpful and knowledgeable. Definitely a unique party idea. Thanks so much :)) (Basic Robotics)

-Lauren P., Potomac, Md.


For our son’s birthday, The Great Adventure Lab came to our home and mesmerized all of the kids (who otherwise would have been tearing the house apart) with an incredible demo of robotics. They had a blast building their soccer players and goalies from LEGOs, programming their movements, and then counting the goals. The kids were too engrossed and entertained to realize what an incredible learning experience it was for them…an “engineering” birthday party? Only The Great Adventure Lab can pull that off, and it was a huge hit! An The Great Adventure Lab birthday or after-school club is a fantastic opportunity to combine learning and fun…and your house won’t be destroyed afterward! (Basic Robotics. Party leader: Greg)

-Megan, Silver Spring, Md.


We had a great party. Sarah and Corey were excellent with the kids. Nothing like seeing our party leader on the floor helping everyone try and score a goal. Everyone had a great time. (Basic Robotics party)

-Richard G., Silver Spring, Md.


There were a total of 10 boys aging from 7 to 13 and they all had a great time. Our party leader did an excellent job helping the kids when they needed assistance with a connection or finding a Lego piece. The party theme was originally Soccer, but when Nicole suggested spinning tops, they immediately changed gears. The instructions were easy to follow and they made modifications to their spinning tops. The Great Adventure Lab is a great birthday idea especially for boys who like to build or create stuff and for a birthday in April when the weather is so unpredictable for an outdoor party! (Basic Robotics party)

-Linda, Clinton, Md.


I was filled with pride as I watched each group dive in, work together and try really hard to build their part of the soccer game. … Then the instructor offered them all motion sensors.  It was a huge hit.  I had a table full of boys excited about building and programming!  Truly excited about it! … Some of the boys were literally jumping up and down with excitement.  All I could do was stand there and smile.  It was the most perfect combination of learning and fun I have ever witnessed.  Thank you. (Basic Robotics party)

– Michelle, Kensington, Md.


Good morning ladies,
We wanted to thank you for the WONDERFUL ” Crime Scene Investigation ” party. The girls really enjoyed it. I think it was a perfect choice for 13 year old girls . Of-course my 8-year-old son enjoyed it just as much! Jackie and Sarah, your enthusiasm, patience, skill and the ease with which you handled 13 kids was amazing. I am guessing the girls went home and raved about the party. I have had parents tell me that they wish they could have participated too!!!!!!  … So professionally done! (Crime Scene party)

– Akanksha, Vienna, Va.


Greg ran a fantastic party for our group of 10 eight-year-old boys and girls. He was punctual, organized, friendly, personable and clearly into robotics. The party was a great success. Thanks! (Basic Robotics party)

-Kat, Washington D.C.


Sarah did a great job keeping 12 7 year old boys interested and they all had a great time, I would definitely recommend this! (Basic Robotics party)

-Laura D., Vienna, Va.


Lots of fun!
Everyone had a great time. We had an age range of 6-11 years old and everyone was challenged and intrigued. Danika did a great job working with everyone and rolling with the kids who decided to invent their own projects. (Basic Robotics party)

-response to birthday survey


We recently had [my son’s] 10th birthday party with 6 boys in attendance. They LOVED the robotics. It combined every boy’s love of computers and LEGOs. What a perfect combination. I loved that I didn’t have to do anything to keep the boys entertained–Aaren did it all! I would definitely recommend this as a perfect party for a group of kids around my son’s age. Ask for Aaren; he was great with the kids. (Basic Robotics party)

Lee, Kensington, Md.


My son and his friends loved this party! Corey was so helpful and great with the kids. I will definitely recommend The Great Adventure Lab to all my friends. Thanks so much for helping make my son’s birthday awesome. (Basic Robotics party)

-Anne, Stafford, Va.


My son and his friends thought this was a terrific party. Our party leader was patient, very helpful and accommodating. I absolutely recommend The Great Adventure Lab. (Mindstorms party)

-Marita R., Annandale, Va.


We had an amazing experience with The Great Adventure Lab. The kids really enjoyed it! Thanks for an awesome party! (Basic Robotics party)

-Laurie D., Odenton, Md.


Just had a birthday party on 3/20 with 8 kids and they all had a great time building goal keepers and kickers and then playing soccer with them! Although I don’t think that trying to kick the goal keepers head off was ever planned by the creators of these robots, the kids had a great time modifying he game to their whims!! Thanks again to Danika for helping the kids through building and programming their robots! Everyone really seemed to enjoy the party!!! (Basic Robotics party)

-Daniel G., Clarksburg, Md.