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This is a list of our after school programming classes for kids. Click on any class name for details.

Intro to Video Game Programming (Scratch Jr.)

icon for after school video game programming STEM class - The Great Adventure Lab

Grades K-1. Now, even our youngest students can enjoy video game programming with Scratch Jr., a special version of Scratch. We start each class with a kinetic exercise to help kids learn about programming blocks – then we grab our iPads and start writing! (Yes, as always we provide all necessary equipment for use during class). A super fun introduction to programming for kids.

Video Game Programming (Scratch)

icon for after school video game programming STEM class - The Great Adventure LabGrades 3-5. Does your child dream of writing his or her own video games? STEM class in Scratch programming at The Great Adventure Lab's Girls Get Science eventWe’ve found a great way to get started: Scratch, the super-simple drag-and-drop multimedia programming language designed by MIT‘s Lifelong Kindergarten project. Full details here.


It was the absolute best after school program we’ve ever participated in. …Thank you sooooo much for bringing that program to Wyngate. It taught my son that he absolutely loves computer programming…which is a big deal for me, since he doesn’t seem to like anything but watching tv! 🙂 – Wyngate E.S. parent

Raspberry Pi Programming


Grades 6-8. Limited to private classes or camp settings. It’s fun to learn programming, especially when you can use your programs to control everyday electronic devices! We’ll learn how to breadboard real electronic components, and write commands in Python to control LEDs, draw pixels on an LED matrix, read position data from an accelerometer and more. Projects include: a piano that plays when you step on pads, a classic game of Simon, and a remote control and display for a Space Invaders game!

Javascript Programming

javascript programming for kids

Grades 6-8.  Limited availability. Here’s a class for kids who understand the concepts of programming and are ready for the challenge of typing strings of commands. Javascript is the language used to write many web pages and animate graphics. Learn about arrays, strings and loops while making your own animations!

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