We are having a wonderful time teaching our ever-expanding science curriculum. With our hands-on experiments and small classes, kids build an early positive association with science!



Grades 2-3. Let’s have some safe, hands-on fun with chemistry! We’ll start experimenting with states of matter and density and then move on to chemical reactions, including ones that produce gas — think volcanoes and alka-seltzer rockets! Before each experiment, we’ll talk about what might happen, write down our hypotheses, conduct our experiments and record our observations and conclusions. This is a super way to learn the scientific method while having lots of fun. As in all of our classes, all materials are non-toxic; and we’ll learn about safety by wearing safety glasses.



Storybook Science

icon for The Great Adventure Lab's Storybook Science class for grads K-1Grades K-1. 

Mythbusters isn’t just for big kids. In this after school science program for students in kindergarten and grade 1, we’ll read a different story each week and then conduct hands-on science experiments to test and recreate elements from the story!  Full details and pricing.


[My daughter] LOVES your class and is so excited to share with me her experiments and discoveries from class. Thanks for making class so fun & interesting. I love seeing her enthusiastic face & she has no idea right now that she is learning about science!

-Burning Tree E.S. Parent, Bethesda, Md.



Nature Science

The Great Adventure Lab, Storybook Science class, University Park ES, College Park Md.

Grades 1-2 

Let’s get our hands dirty! We’ll start each class meeting by reading a story about nature, and then do hands-on projects to learn

more. When we read about the sun, we’ll do projects  involving solar power, like sun art or solar ovens. We’ll also make earthworm habitats, cast animal tracks and, if our location allows, take short nature walks to collect items we can examine under microscopes. Our nature science projects will vary depending on season and class interests.