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The Great Adventure Lab employs and serves all kinds of people, including those from a wide variety of religious and political beliefs. However, as an institution, we are non-religious and non-political. This means that while we are teaching your children, we will not teach, promote or discuss religion or politics.

The lessons for all of our classes are based on science, as defined by scientific consensus.

Note about Storybook Science:

Our Storybook Science classes use storybooks from a wide variety of genres, including fiction, historical fiction, myths and legends. The class is not appropriate for those who do not want their students to read about myths and legends; or who do not agree with scientific consensus on the age or origins of the earth, etc. While we will not alter the content of any of our lessons, if you would like us to offer this class for a religious group, we can help you choose which lessons are most appropriate for your group.