Time to Makey Makey some electric fun!

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Time to Makey Makey some electric fun!

Ever thought about using a banana as a computer keyboard? Wiring your staircase so it works stepping on different steps plays a different musical note? Ormaking your own game controller out of play-doh?  MIT Media Lab graduate students say you can do all this — with no programming, so downloads, no disks — with this new toy-thing called Makey Makey. We just grabbed two on Amazon.com ($49 a pop) to play with.

For super-nerds – apparently Makey Makey CAN work with Arduino — but beginners don’t have to know that. It looks like just plain fun.

We’re sending one to our summer camp director, because Makey Makey has to inspire at least one extra project for our Fun With Electricity classes, which run every day during all of our full-day STEM summer camps, including our new girls-only camp!

MIT — they’re the same folks who brought us the free program Scratch, the visual programming language we use to teach video game programming!

Has anyone out there played with one of these yet ?

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